Your Favorite Sexologist..

Helping You Create the "Ships n SexLife of Your Dreams w/o compromising your faith.

Your Favorite Sexologist..

Helping You Create the "Ships n SexLife of Your Dreams w/o compromising your faith.

  • Tired of being Sexually frustrated?
  • Tired of being Religiously Sexually Repressed?
  • Tired of being horny and waiting on a man to be sexually expressive with?
  • Tired of a sexless or orgasms-less marriage?
  • Ready to create the ‘Ships n SexLife of Your Dreams while Single?
  • Ready to create Your Dream SexLife for Your Marriage?

Whether you’re single or married and said “yes” at least once, I know exactly how to get you from sexual frustration to Sexual Liberation…by first teaching you how to Embrace Your Sexuality as a Woman of Faith.

Believe it or not, what many don’t share is that sexual frustration is prevalent amongst both single and married women of the faith but the church has failed in helping to eradicate it.

Most times single women hear what not to do sexually instead of what they can do and hear while single besides not have sex until marriage by telling single women to wait until marriage for sex but not helping them to marry 

Married women who were told to wait to have sex until married, are now finding out the sex ain’t what they waited for as 75% of women aren’t even having orgasms

and by telling married women not deny their husbands sex yet the sex is often trash andeither collectivelyEmbracing your Sexuality is the first step in getting to Sexual Liberation as a woman of faith without compromising your faith.nd if you’re married and you said “yes” at least once, I knowplan here for you.

Tell us about you and we’ll tell the world

“A sexually frustrated single woman often becomes a sexually frustrated married woman”. ~ OEV




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Often when you think of chains, you tend to associate them with bondage and restrictions. And in many cases, you’d be correct; that is… until freedom comes into play. In freedom, you’ll see the same chains once meant to restrict, restrain, and repress you, now take on a different role – they become the links that bind like-minded individuals together, forging a powerful connection in the pursuit of liberty.

Discover a transformative journey within a unique community tailored for women of faith, where the pursuit of sexual liberation intertwines seamlessly with a devotion to their faith. In this empowering space, we redefine the concept of chains, evolving them from symbols of restraint into unifying links that connect like-minded souls in the pursuit of freedom.

Much like the interlocking links of a chain, individuals bonded by a shared vision of liberation become a powerful collective force. Each member contributes their unique strengths, ideas, and skills, creating a synergy that transcends individual capabilities. These bonds of freedom are not forged from iron and steel; rather, they are woven through mutual respect and a shared yearning for emancipation from past constraints.

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Meet the #1 Sexologist for
Women of Faith

Octavia E Vance, aka OEV, is Your Favorite Sexologist with more than 13 years of experience working hand in hand with high achieving women of faith to ensure that they’re able to achieve the level of Sexual Liberation they truly desire while still living for God.

For Octavia, embracing her faith and her love for The Most High, while showing women of faith that they can relieve their sexual frustration and fully embrace their own sexuality without guilt, shame or condemnation is her claim to fame. As a Personal Mentor, Octavia has devoted her life to helping women who constantly deal with repressive, debilitating struggles and frustrations as it pertains to their relationships and sexuality…

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