Who is Octavia E Vance?

Octavia E Vance, aka OEV, is a Your Favorite Sexologist and ‘Ships n Sex Coach with more than 11 years of experience working hand in hand with high achieving women of faith to ensure that they’re able to achieve the level of Sexual Liberation they truly desire while still living for God.

For Octavia, embracing her faith and her love for The Most High, while showing women of faith that they can relieve their sexual frustration and fully embrace their own sexuality without guilt, shame or condemnation is her claim to fame. As a Personal Mentor, Octavia has devoted her life to helping women who constantly deal with repressive, debilitating struggles and frustrations as it pertains to their relationships and sexuality.

She often refers to herself as “The Harriet Tubman of Your Sex Life,” simply because she leads ladies from sexual frustration, religious sexual repression and sexual enslavement to Sexual Liberation. Through her engaging, intimate and high energy approach, Octavia works to teach her clients about sex biblically and scientifically, while being sure to be mindful of common sense. With her deep background in the field, Octavia has gone on to generate a tremendous following on social media with more than 200,000 followers combined who pack her live streams and events with the zeal to be free from their sexual struggles. Octavia E Vance works diligently to get her clients from frustration to true Liberation in their ‘Ships n Sex via her 12 week frustration 2 Liberation Mentorship Program.

She is also founder of the ‘Ships n Sex U, an online University for ladies of faith who are tired of  struggle love, struggle life and struggle sex and are ready to be liberated and create the ‘Ships n SexLife of their dreams. She is also host of 2 public podcasts, The Octavia E Vance: Wife of Leisure” Podcast and ‘The ‘Ships n Sex Podcast, while also hosting a private, raw and uncut podcast entitled “Sex 4 Ladies” that is for members only where ladies can come and interact with with one another about their struggles and wins as it pertains to their Sexuality and Sex lives as it pertains to women of faith.





And if that isn’t enough, she is also a Best Selling Author and sought after Speaker.



Witness the extraordinary journey of Octavia E Vance, a true visionary who has touched the lives of countless women, uplifting and liberating them with unyielding passion. But amidst all her achievements, her heart finds its greatest joy in being married to her husband of 19 years and raising and homeschooling their 5 Stair Steppers, Precious 16, Princess 14, Prince 12, Priya 10 and Promise 8.

With a myriad of roles donned flawlessly, Octavia embodies the essence of a Woman of Faith, a loving Wife, a nurturing Mother, a loyal Friend, an insightful Sexologist, a trusted Mentor, a celebrated Author, and an inspiring Speaker. Her pursuit of excellence knows no bounds, as she fearlessly embraces her authentic self, leaving an indelible mark on every path she treads.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the brilliance that is her – a beacon of empowerment and a testament to the boundless possibilities of unapologetic self-discovery.