Ready to be “fine fine”?

Then you’re on the right page! 

If You’re Overweight or even Obese…

Now is the time to learn to EMBRACE YOUR BODY to finally lose that stubborn weight.

I am neither a weight loss expert nor fitness guru!

I’m just a woman who happens to be a Relationship Coach and Sexologist who found a way to lose that stubborn weight fast, easy and healthy and keep it off for over a year now! And I want to help YOU do the same but in your OWN way!

And this is why I created the…

I’ve dropped 8 sizes in jeans, from a size 18 to a 10 (can’t do much about the boo tay lol or I would be in a solid 8 in jeans) in less than a year and I’ve been maintaining the weight loss for over a year now. The pic of me on the left where the Torrid jeans are really fitting was from my July 3rd, 2020 photoshoot, one month before I started my new weight loss journey. The pics of me in those same size 18’s showing significant room from the photoshoot, was taken September 15th, 2021.

Here are the 4 Main Points you have to look forward to in the class..

  1. 1Why embracing your body is the key to losing the weight and keeping it off!
  2. 2How to lose the weight easily even if you’ve struggled to lose weight for years!
  3. 3How you can change just one thing and the weight will begin to fall off!
  4. 4How to not only lose the weight but keep it off and maintain the weight loss too!


OCTAVIA E VANCE (OEV)  //  Creator

“Your Favorite Sexologist”, Octavia E Vance, aka OEV, is the #1 Sexologist for Women of Faith who’s been helping ladies Embrace, Own and Protect their Sexuality in order to create the ‘Ships n Sex Life of their Dreams, without ever compromising their faith for over 10 years now and with plenty of receipts to show for it.

OEV helps women of faith set their own boundaries and make their own rules in their ‘Ships n Sex Life in her 12 week frustration 2 Liberation Mentorship Academy.

With over 17 years happily married, 5 beautiful children from the ‘Ships n Sex Life of her Dreams, over 100k followers on TikTok,  60k combined on Facebook/Facebook Groups, 20k on Instagram, over 4 million views of her videos and live streams, thousands of ladies from around the globe who have consumed her mentoring, products and content for over a decade, we understand why OEV is Your Favorite Sexologist and the #1 Sexologist for Women of Faith.

Want the blueprint? Connect with her to’now!

Octavia E Vance

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will this Masterclass be?

Wherever you choose to view it.

What if I’m morbid obese? Can you help  me lose all the weight? 

As I shared in the video, I’m not a physician nor a weight loss guru. What I’ll be sharing is how I lost the weight, kept it off and how you “can” do the same in your OWN way. Results will vary as it depends on your efforts.

How long is the masterclass?

The Masterclass is about 2 hours.

What do we need to bring to the masterclass? 

A way to take notes as needed, an open mind to learn and a willingness to apply the information shared in order to get started in your weight loss transformation.

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