Big Sis of Your ‘Ships…


Frank and no nonsense is what many call this Woman of Faith who gives the straight up truth in love, with a side of humor. Octavia E Vance, known as OEV to many on social media, is a Liberator of Struggle Love and Religious Sexual Repression. With 16 years of marriage under her belt, 5 stair stepping children and 5 books authored, OEV is an uncompromising truth speaker on ‘Ships n Sex. Championing that she’s the “Big Sis Your ‘Ships and the Harriet Tubman of Your Sex Life”, Octavia’s vocation working as a Certified Sexologist and Certified Life Coach is leading ladies from frustration 2 liberation in their ‘ships and their sex.

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Harriet Tubman of Your Sexuality…


She often refers to herself as “The Harriet Tubman of Your Sex Life,” as she leads ladies from sexual frustration, religious sexual repression and sexual enslavement to Sexual Liberation. 

Because she cannot get to every woman one on one as she wishes, Octavia created the “frustration 2 Liberation” Online Mentorship Program, which has become the #1 program on the market available for Sexual Liberation to the women of faith who love God but want to embrace their Sexuality as well.



…leading you from frustration 2 LIBERATION!



frustration 2 Liberation Mentorship Program. Are you a high achieving, professional woman of faith who has a successful & stable career who wants to njoy life more but…

  1. Is sexually frustrated and tired of struggling to resolve their faith with their sexuality?
  2. Is getting older, tired of the lack of emotional connect during sex and are ready to fully embrace their sexuality and freely express their sexuality whether married or not?
  3. Has been sexually repressed since very young and is finally ready to be liberated to where they care more about what God says than what people says? Then click below to learn more.



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Gets to the Point and Purpose with Pragmatism!

“She breaks it down and leaves ladies lifted”!  

“Her energy and ability to give a message like no other, brings the house down while lifting women up”.

“She does not hold back…which is one of the best things about her”.

“She’s the real deal”.


“A Champion for Women of Faith”.


“Her stories will captivate and leave you on the edge of your seat”.


“She is the main event period”.


“She takes her time and breaks it down”.


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