Stop Wasting Time and Get Your ‘Ships Together NOW!

The 'Ships n Sex Podcast with OEV
The 'Ships n Sex Podcast with OEV
Stop Wasting Time and Get Your 'Ships Together NOW!

Got some strugglin ‘ships in ya life? Marriageships, Friendships or Kinships? Listen in as OEV gives you a quick pep talk to gettin your ‘ships together now. Share with as many ladies as you know.


Frank and no nonsense is what many call this Woman of Faith who gives the straight up truth in love, with a side of humor.

Octavia E Vance, known as OEV to many on social media, is a Liberator of Struggle Love and Religious Sexual Repression. With 15 years of marriage under her belt, 5 stair stepping children and 5 books authored, OEV is an uncompromising truth speaker on 'Ships n Sex. Championing that she's the "Big Sis Your 'Ships and the Harriet Tubman of Your Sex Life", Octavia's vocation working as a Certified Life and Sex Coach is leading ladies from frustration 2 liberation in their 'ships and their sex.

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